Lunchbox Cab: Extension Cabinet for ZT Lunchbox Amp (ZT-00119980)

Lunchbox Cab: Extension Cabinet for ZT Lunchbox Amp
Model# ZT-00119980
UPC 837654777978

Price: $179.00

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The ZT Lunchbox Cab is a passive extension speaker, with the same cabinet and custom-designed 6.5″ driver as the ZT Lunchbox amp. Adding the Cab to a ZT Lunchbox amp increases overall output and adds a bit of bottom end to your system. Whether you build a Lunchbox stack or spread them apart on stage, the Lunchbox Cab's built-in phase switch provides accurate sound in any situation.
Publisher: ZT Amplifiers
Publication Date: 09/2012
Medium: General Merchandise
Length: 12.50 in.
Width: 8.50 in.
Series: ZT Amplifiers

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